Maybe this should have been the first teaser that went live since it reveals less of the gameplay. Why is that? I wanted to bring into focus  the fact that besides the game of shooting, chasing, twisting and turning one could find  an even more beautiful game – the game of light!

The game is full of stunning visual effects and the scenes are so well lit. Different light sources blend together making a true eye candy. Far away stars, comets flying through, space ship jets and asteroid explosions all cast their own light to the scene. That light bounces off and on  different surfaces, streaming  through the dusty lens straight to the staring eyes.

Disco king

Neško – the disco king

Is there  a better way to illustrate that than to give the teaser a disco spin!?

You know that feeling when you’re stepping into the darkness of a club, going straight for the dance floor – at first you see nothing, then in couple of strobe flashes you get struck by some details. Few more flashes and you already know where you are and who’s around you! Then the bass kicks in, light streaks all around you and you’re ready to interact. Soon enough, you are aware that you’re ruling the territory! Bodies start to revolve around you. In the zone, you’re controlling your moves, constantly in  touch with your inner self and with universe.

This is  the same feeling you get when you master this world of asteroids! You begin to hear the light. That’s what I tried to evoke with this teaser, so that even if you play it mute, you must feel  the groove!

Neško Uskoković is videographer from Belgrade. His creative output is prolific and spreads over several fields of visual arts such as directing, motion design and video art. He is best known for his short films endorsed by Radical amateurism movement.