game title:   SUPERVERSE
developer:    Superverse Industries
genre:        Arcade Space Shooter
platform:     Windows, Linux1


SUPERVERSE is a fast paced, action packed, space shooter game. This electrifying arcade transports the player to an ancient network of interconnected universes, to find a way to return to the past to prevent the extinction of humanity.

The player can only count on his own instincts, reflexes, speed, destructive power of his weapons and shield to protect himself while taking care to avoid enemy spaceships, asteroids, explosions and dangerous particles around him.

In SUPERVERSE you will:

  • Travel through wormholes and discover new worlds
  • Become an artificial intelligence yourself
  • Fight against top-notch AI driven machines
  • Fly with your favourite spaceship
  • Enjoy impressive 3D visual and audio experience
  • Play with friends in co-op local multiplayer or in a single player mode

Linux support through Steam Play and Proton


The trailer is available for download in 60FPS 4K video and on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter.



SUPERVERSE logo (high-res, transparent background, PNG)

SUPERVERSE logo (high-res, transparent background, PNG)


icon / symbol

SUPERVERSE icon (high-res, transparent background, PNG)

SUPERVERSE icon (high-res, transparent background, PNG)

key visual

SUPERVERSE key visual (Square format, high resolution, JPG)
Key visual
SUPERVERSE key visual (3833 × 2500 pixels, JPG)
Box / Cover art
SUPERVERSE Box / Cover art (Low-resolution, PNG)


Best Multiplayer Game

Casual Connect 2018 Belgrade

selected articles

  • “The asteroids appear beautifully modelled as they float in space, and the whole thing has a very hyperkinetic feel to it, almost like Super Stardust HD and Resogun, the space shooters of Housemarque.”
    – Jim Squires, GameZebo
  • “Visually speaking, this game is stunning – no detail has been overlooked in the creation of this game. The result of their in-house 3D engine is outstanding. Every object flows smoothly in the fully 3D space they have created. They were going for best overall visuals and in my opinion, they nailed it.”
    – Eric Hitchcock, The Indie Mine


Nemanja Bondžulić
Director, Producer, Developer, Partner

Igor Jerković
Game Developer, Partner

Dejan Subotin
Music & Sound, Partner

Daniel Djarmati
2D Design

Darko Subotin
Djordje Zlatic
3D Models