To paraphrase Hemingway – the most frightening thing he would ever encounter was a blank sheet of paper. In this case that would be a blank screen. Infinite possibilities… So where to begin? For whom are we doing this? Will it leave any impression at all? SUPERVERSE is a great game and deserves great teaser. Am I up to that?  Dozens of questions… I had to castaway them with some proper hardcore in my headphones.


Than all of a sudden things started to fall into place. This must be a raving experience. Fast paced, frantic, suicidal gameplay, kamikaze style.  Chasing the high score and capturing elegant moves was not good enough. I had to jump into fire and burn out like a star.

The guys working under the hood made this really easy for me. They provided multiple versions of the game with adjustable cameras, lights and different settings so I could really capture shots the right way – fly through a pestering  asteroid field, draw back camera for good establishing shot, take some great sweeping camera movements and most of all get close enough to beautiful  explosions, sparks  and  asteroid bursts.  Close enough to get the lens scorched!

I wanted to capture that feel in gameplay when you’re reaching boiling point. When you stop trying to avoid these heavy dark matter asteroid objects pressuring from all sides and decide to really fight back. When you get mad angry and let yourself loose without taking finger off the fire button. And I think that’s just what we got. It’s all there, panicking, shooting, bursting and screaming, all in undying silence of the universe.

Neško Uskoković is videographer from Belgrade. His creative output is prolific and spreads over several fields of visual arts such as directing, motion design and video art. He is best known for his short films endorsed by Radical amateurism movement.