MONSTA is a turn based game which requires logic, judgement and forward planning.

This captivating game offers the challenge of a deadly fight between hero Joe and little monsters which can only end by using the best possible strategy.


  • 50 levels of ultimate fun
  • 10 different environments
  • 13 monsters with different personality and AI
  • 3 weapon types for Joe
  • Magnificent graphics, almost 900 frames of high quality pixel graphics
  • Separate PRC files for color (8 bits) and monochrome (4 bits) screens
  • Auto-save game
  • Save / load game
  • Adjustable movement speed
  • Controlling using hardware button and/or stylus
  • Configurable controls
  • 5 way D-Pad support
  • Censored mode

Download for Palm OS Download MONSTA Level Editor for Palm OS

* This is the editor used to create all the level maps in MONSTA game. This editor runs on Palm OS 3.5 or newer.



“The overall experience is fantastic, and more than once I’ve caught myself playing ‘Just one more game’ more than once. Only the lack of any good sound effects mares an otherwise wonderful game. If you’re a die hard strategy fan, or just a casual gamer, Monsta should give you many hours of enjoyment.”
Mobile Element
Monsta is ultimately a really pleasant game.
“Original game design with polished visuals and challenging game play makes this game a great title for those enjoy a little brain exercise.”
“Monsta can be an addictive and exciting game if you’re into this type of thing. I really do give the developer credit for coming up with a unique type of game…”
“Monsta is an addictive, visually attractive game that can be played a little at a time or for a long time.”
“If you want a game with excellent play length value, this is it.”
“If you enjoy these turn-based type games, I would advise taking a look at this one. The graphics are great and levels challenging enough to provide hours of entertainment.”



Nemanja Bondžulić

Herve Piton
Arnold Chistai
Dragan Jakovljević
Ilija Melentijević
Oszvald Balazs
Roberto Christen
Nemanja Bondžulić

Level design:
Nemanja Bondžulić
Herve Piton

Ideas and support:
Jasmina Bondžulić