JACK OR 100 WAYS TO BARBECUE is a 2D platform game which brings to you the fun of ” jump & run ” and a lot of brain exercise while solving delicate logical problems. Your aim is to find the exit of each level, which is well hidden by doors and guarded by unfriendly monsters whose only desire is to meet you and break your bones for disturbing their domestic living area.


  • 5 levels to play
  • 300 rooms to explore
  • 15 enemies to fight
  • 5 weapons to shoot
  • Digital music and sound [ powered by MODULA Audio Engine ]
  • Optimized for variety of screen resolutions
  • And much much much much much much more !!!

Download for Palm OS
Download for Symbian

Download for Windows Mobile (VGA) Download for Windows Mobile (QVGA) Download for Windows Mobile (Small screens)



“Jack BBQ or 100 Ways to Barbecue is a fantastic game that will entertain and enthrall PDA users of all ages.”
TamsPalm-the Palm OS Blog
“The adorable Jack character along with the dungeon design makes this game easy to pick up and play. The maze layout keeps the exploration interesting.”
PDA Buyers Guide
“When you are sitting in a chair, replete with turkey on Christmas Day, whilst relatives are all asleep around you, Jack may just be the answer you need. It will while away a few hours (until your battery dies, anyway), and still leave you with something to do when you are commuting to work once the holiday is over.”



Vladimir Ignjatijević
Nemanja Bondžulić

Arnold Chistai

Level design:
Vladimir Ignjatijević
Arnold Chistai

Development tools:
Nemanja Bondžulić
Mobile Wizardry