As of 17th of May 2018, we have officially changed the name of our company. From now on we will be operating as Superverse Industries.

Why change the name now?

Years ago, when we were starting with game development, we thought that the name Industry Entertainment was a good choice as it was a logical extension to the name Industry, the name of our demo-scene group. At that time the name seemed not to be in use by anybody else. However, after some time we have found out about the existence of a Hollywood based movie production company having the same name.

And although it was fun receiving résumés and job applications from a dozen of actors and actresses, we would like to avoid any similar confusion in the future.

As we are working and preparing to release the game SUPERVERSE in the future, the new company name will be a logical ancestor of the previous name. It is a unique name and googling it will bring you to our website 100%.

Introducing the new branding

New name brings the new branding. Please, meet the Starman.

Superverse Industries