“SUPERVERSE” is the new name of our upcoming game.

We have decided to throw out the old one (Astroids) and have a new beautiful name that matches the qualities of our game.

With the new name comes new web address and the new visual identity: http://superverse-game.com is the new home of our game on the Web.

friendly fire

A scene from the Superverse video game

We have also used this opportunity to make some organizational changes, thus this blog has been moved to our HQ web site and its new location is: http://indus3.org/blog

This change means that the blog will not cover only SUPERVERSE related topics, but all Industry Entertainment games topics and general game development topics as well.

rocket explosion

A scene from the Superverse video game

SUPERVERSE is a 3D space shoot’em up video game, currently in development, expected to be released by the end of the year.